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Comments about this page

  • The initials CC in a horseshoe is (or was) the emblem of the Caravan Club. Not sure the significance of 1959. See

    By Bob Braid (26/02/2021)
  • I have just re-found a small spoon that I received from my Grandmother ( she died in 1977) It has the Initials CC surrounded by ,what looks like, a horse shoe on the top of the handle On the back of the handle is inscribed Milford 1959. She lived in Lymington for the latter few years of her life and in the general area preceding to that. Would be interested if anyone has any information, I don’t believe it is worth anything, just my curiosity.

    By Deborah O'Neill (22/02/2021)
  • Mr Beale, We would be very interested in receiving any information or material you can give relating to Lymore or the Beale family. We already hold some information and photographs relating to Peyton Beale, Lymore End and the water garden. I can be contacted via

    Bob Braid

    By Bob Braid (15/01/2020)
  • Your website is a minefield – I have some – what I believe to be valuable info about a local building in Lymore but can find no address to contact anyone.Is anyonee out there interested

    By L J Beale (14/01/2020)
  • Sirs, I have an undated but signed watercolour painting of Elizabethan Cottage Lymore Lane, MoS. The cottage once stood where Caenswood Cottage now stands. I briefly owned Caenswood Cottage and after Miss P Beale died I took this painting, along with many other artefacts to my home in Cornwall. I am now in the process of emptying my house and , as no-one in my family seems to want this painting I offer it to your records.
    I have tried to contact Caenswood Cottage but never received any reply.
    If your records require more information on the place I my well be able to help as I often visited the place as a boy

    By L J Beale (09/01/2020)

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