Advanced Searching

Boolean Searches

  • Use a question mark – ? – to replace single characters eg aldre? will find Aldred and Aldreg.
  • Use an asterisk – * – to pick up variant spellings eg Hi*s will find Hicks or Hills. Hi*s* will find Hiscock, Hinds as well as Hicks.
  • Use “quotation marks” to find exact phrases
  • A NOT search requires a two step process: first search the main word e.g. “Hicks” then exclude the unwanted references using an exclamation mark – ! – in front of the word to be excluded e.g.”!William”

Fuzzy Searches

  • Use tilde ~ symbol to find a similar word eg hickgives Vick, Kick and Rick.
  • Use tilde ~ plus a number eg hick~2 will match terms like Bock, Beck as well as Hicks where two letters have changed.

Proximity Searches

  • Use the tilde ~ and a numeric value for a proximity search eg “whitby pepper”~20 will search “whitby” and “pepper” within 20 words of each other in a document.

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