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The Society has published an Occasional Magazine, so named because it is published at irregular intervals, ever since its inception in 1909.

The output up to the Second World War was prolific with 27 editions appearing. An extended hiatus from then until the millennium saw only another five editions, but there has been a renewed burst of energy since. The establishment of the Society’s Research and Discussion Group in 2013 has been a significant factor in this development.

Topics covered have been wide ranging, with a noticeable concentration on the church, landed families, personal recollections and the geology of the area.

Looking back over the decades, readers will notice differing styles of presentation, reflecting the evolution of History as an area of enquiry in its own right. The current editor is also anxious to see articles set in their historical context.

Additionally, archival material in national and local archives is now much more readily available, and the digitisation of records has taken this process on to another plane.

Contributions are always welcome, and preliminary guidance may be found here.

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  • In ‘The Salterns of the Lymington Area’ by A.T.Lloyd, there is a reference to an estate map of part of Milford, 1720. Is this in one of the Occasional Magazines and is there an index for these?

    By John Holness (30/05/2022)
  • Recently issued Volume 6 thoroughly recommended and obligatory reading in preparation for next year’s celebration of the life of Admiral Sir William Cornwallis.

    By Peter Tatlow (28/11/2018)

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